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Take time for your health! It is our highest good! Inform yourself and read the following lines!



Maybe you have come across this web site because you’re ill and don't know what to do. Or maybe you just want to find out how you can get fitter again and stay healthy into advanced age. In both cases you are in the right place!


In the course of my work as a naturopath, I was able to experience again and again that the vast majority of people could be and remain as fit as a fiddle or get well again if they simply had more knowledge.

I have acquired this knowledge in more than four decades of practical medical experience with many thousands of patients and in innumerable hours of untiring research in cures for chronic diseases and through numerous self-experiments.


Today, many people write books, even health books, at a very young age. I have written all my books only after many years and even after decades of medical experience with innumerable patients.


This practical experience in the field of raw food, vegan nutrition and alternative medicine is irreplaceable. Facts cannot be discussed.

To all those who criticize me or think they know everything better, I can only recommend that they first gather such years of experience themselves, as I was able to do for more than four decades, before they rashly form a judgement or even express themselves in a gloating manner.

I would like to pass on my wealth of knowledge to all interested and willing seekers, especially to those who want to become healthy and/or stay healthy and are open to new ways of healing and health.


Below you will find my currently available English book, in which I have written down the essential part of my treasure of knowledge. I have published three books so far. My first and bestselling book “Warum nur die Natur uns heilen kann” was also translated into English: “Why only nature can heal us”.



A good health wishes you

Your Dr. Karl J. Probst

My bestselling book "Warum nur die Natur uns heilen kann"  is now also available in English!


You can find more information at Telomit!


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