The Dr. Probst Method



"The Dr. Probst Method" consists of these four fundamental components:


I. Change of diet

Temporary conversion to raw foods, the duration and extent can be precisely determined by means of dark-field microscopic blood examination

II. Intestinal cleansing

Consistent bowel rehabilitation, because the insight of Hippocrates is timeless:


"Intestines healthy -  human healthy.

Intestine sick - human sick."

III. Detox

Elimination of harmful substances (toxins) that have accumulated in the organism throughout life 

IV. Spirituality

Spiritual reorientation or its refinement, overcoming the material world view



"The Dr. Probst method": The immunobiological health concept for natural treatment of chronic and acute diseases


The holistic health concept of Dr. Probst is based on a cause-related treatment of chronic and acute diseases.


This distinguishes it from the usual symptomatic treatments, especially those of a medicinal nature, which intervene directly in the body without regard to the natural conditions and reactions of body and soul.


“The Dr. Probst Method” has been developed over the course of many years. Since the beginning of his scientific and medical activities almost 40 years ago, Dr. Probst has been engaged in researching and testing the effectiveness of alternative and naturopathic treatment methods.


Early on, cause-related treatment became a goal of Dr. Probst's research activities, which he continues to pursue in his private life in order to further optimize the health concept.


However, the numerous positive experiences with thousands of often seriously ill, so-called "out-healed" patients during his decades of medical practice, have confirmed that the path he has chosen was the right one.


In the meantime, science is also increasingly concerned with researching the individual alternative and naturopathic treatment methods that Dr. Probst has been using for decades and which are gaining more and more recognition due to studies. 

Everything that belongs to "The Dr. Probst Method" is explained in these books, which you can order from Telomit!

The first of these three books were also translated in English: “Why only nature can heal us”



The dark field diagnostics of the blood


Anyone seeking a cure for a chronic illness through alternative medicine usually has extensive medical records and diagnoses to show, so that further conventional medical examinations are unnecessary (except in an emergency).


With the health concept according to Dr. Probst, dark-field microscopy of the blood is always used at the beginning of the therapeutic consultation. This is an examination method from the alternative medicine. 


For this examination, a drop of blood is simply taken from the patient's fingertip or earlobe and placed on a microscope slide. In real time, this drop of blood is analysed under a special microscope in the dark field. This diagnostic method, which requires many years of experience, currently provides immediate information about the patient's general state of health. The findings can then be explained on the screen immediately and the further therapeutic procedure can be discussed, if necessary.


The result of the dark-field microscopy determines the type and urgency of the therapeutic procedure in addition to the other further findings. 


Blood counts in darkfield microscopy



The therapeutic procedure


The health concept of Dr. Probst is based on detoxification and revitalization measures, always taking into account psychological aspects.

Therefore the therapeutic approach requires individual adaptation to the condition of each patient basically.


In order to achieve an optimal result, several proven measures are always used, wherever a change of diet is necessary.


The therapy according to Dr. Probst consists of the following components: Relief, detoxification/vascular cleansing, acid-base balance, revitalization, restoration of self-regulation, energization, regeneration and stress management, relaxation, exercise, meditation.


The therapy concept takes into account the nature of the human being and thus the natural reactions of the body to influences that are stressful for it.


Therefore the concept, according to Dr. Probst, also aims health as the natural state of the human being. The therapeutic measures take these conditions into account by relieving the body functions causally on the one hand and by providing new life energy and vitality on the other hand.


In addition to therapeutic measures (e.g. colon hydrotherapy), strophantin and/or special orthomolecular medical aids, e.g. vital substance infusions, are also used for serious, long-term illnesses and deficiency symptoms.


The prerequisite for any therapeutic measure of Dr. Probst's health concept is that each measure is in harmony with the nature of the human being.


It is needless to say, that relevant findings of orthodox medicine can be taken into account, as far as the current condition of the patient requires it, especially at the beginning of a treatment or in emergencies.


Immediately afterwards or already in parallel, the treatment should be carried out according to the holistic health concept, in order to replace the conventional "usual" treatment completely.


The health concept is suitable for everyone - at any age. It is also understood as a preventive concept for (further) diseases as well as for the protection against diseases of old age and for the general strengthening of the immune system in a natural way.




Further supporting measures


Needless to say, that, in addition to these recommendations, other health-promoting measures should also be considered and taken, such as


  • sufficient exercise in fresh air
  • sufficient sleep
  • Kneipp applications
  • and many more

"But in general, nine-tenths of our happiness is due to health alone.

With it, everything becomes a source of pleasure,

but without it, there is no external good, ...whatever it is, edible."

Arthur Schopenhauer


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