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Individual questions


I receive many inquiries about the health concept I developed for raw food and other therapeutic measures, as well as about the "sulphur cure", also called "Sulphur cure according to Dr. Probst", which I have rediscovered.

However, due to time constraints, however, I am not always able to answer all questions in detail, for which I ask for your understanding. Remote diagnoses are not possible.




Self treatment and sulphur cure


In the meanwhile there are many self-proclaimed "experts" on the Internet who falsely claim to know how to carry out "the sulphur cure according to Dr. Probst". Often, they refer to me, without knowing me or my health concept. In this context, dubious and wrong application instructions are almost always given.

Even interviews that I give and in which I exaggerate some things for clarification are not suitable to initiate an arbitrary self-treatment, especially if my entire health concept is not considered or understood. This can be seen again and again in the corresponding feedback from people who treat themselves because they followed the advice of self-appointed experts and/or because they saw one or more interviews with me.



I wish you all the best and stay healthy,

Your Dr. Probst




Diseases do not attack us

out of the blue,

but develop from daily sins

against nature.

Hippocrates, doctor

(460-370 BC)



Nature is the best pharmacy.

Reverend Sebastian Kneipp


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