Detox Vitality Cure in the Tropics

on the Huerta ecológica Anastasía in Santa Cruz de la Sierra/Bolivia

(Owned by Manuela Probst de Perez)





If you are interested in a stay at the Huerta ecológica Anastasía, please contact us by email to discuss further details:


We need the following information about you:

Name, surname, date of birth, address, phone number, any fellow travellers (and the date of birth), desired travel period and duration of stay.


In addition, please let us know if you would like additional medical advice.


Your request for an appointment for the vital detoxification cure remains as non-binding. The reservation is only finally binding after payment of the travel price - after confirmation of the stay and invoicing.



Please read the privacy policy here:



Please read the General Travel Conditions here:



We look forward to seeing you!

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