Detox Vitality Cure in the Tropics

on the Huerta ecológica Anastasía in Santa Cruz de la Sierra/Bolivia

(Owned by Manuela Probst de Perez)

Detox in a different and completely natural way:

Detox, relax, get healthy and stay healthy!




Detoxify with a drinking coconut cure of freshly harvested nuts or just sample a raw diet!


Leave everyday life behind you - in the truest sense of the word - and find your way back to a completely new, healthy lifestyle and enjoy the time under the bright blue sky of the tropics and surrounded by paradisiacal fruits!


Here you can relax to your heart's delight under palm trees gently swaying in the warm wind. Allow your body, mind and soul to recover, move healthily, rest, unwind, dream and enjoy the best organic raw food, especially the healthy, delicious coconuts!


Just do something good for yourself for once!






Time off from everyday life - but right!


If you want to "step out" for a short time in order to find yourself again, you can enjoy a little piece of paradise here, do something for your health, detox and regenerate yourself mentally, emotionally and physically.

Here you can truly enjoy a raw vegan diet, even if only for a while. Besides fresh air, sun, water, exercise and genuine untreated fresh food, you can also relax from everyday life, which is literally far away.

After the toxic pollution in Germany and Europe (which damages the immune system and the health of the population) has become more and more critical in the last years, there is the possibility to do a detox vitalization cure for one or more weeks on my daughter's finca, the Huerta ecológica Anastasía in Bolivia, and to stay there in one of the guest bungalows.





While in former times, a trip from Germany to South America was an expensive and long venture, there are direct flights from Europe to Bolivia by now, so that the journey to South America has become more pleasant and affordable. The time difference between Bolivia and Germany is 5 or rather 6 hours. 




Airport / Excursions / City trips


The airport of Santa Cruz is about 20 minutes away from the finca. There is the possibility to book one or more day trips (with the cheap taxis on site) to get to know the country and its people.  Furthermore, there is also the possibility to explore the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra on your own with public microbuses, which are only a few hundred meters away from the finca during the day.


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